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A very honest CV


A very honest CV

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My very academic CV

My very average CV (in Hungarian only)


My name is Szilvia Magyar (Börte). Well, my parents were not too creative (I have to add they were expecting a boy, so they had no girl names on stock when I was coming). So, the first one means 'forest', the second also means my nationality 'Hungarian' (what a privilege! like somebody in England was called Johnny English!), in the brackets there is my family, ice hockey team and JH Forum nickname [börte], originally given by my uncle. Well, at least one creative family member, right? It also means something but I won't explain now. :)


I was born in the year of the disasters (eg. José María López, Augusto Farfus, Félix Porteiro, Sergio Hernandez and Bruno Senna) and on the very same day as Enzo Ferrari.


I have no husband or children. It's my business why.


I have several health problems. I was born with them and I can handle them, don't worry. The only one you need to know: I have Asperger. I'm very close to NT people, but still: I'm an Aspi. I can handle it, too.




I have been working with dogs, ice hockey players, racing drivers and language students in my entire life.

I love dogs! Dogs are amazing creatures! I wanted to work with guide dogs or helper dogs for disable people. Well, I got another job to do at that time, but I'm still open. I could work with dogs again and I could help disabled people – I'm happy to do both.


Besides being the manager of the university ice hockey team I also played as a goalkeeper. Against boys. With number 17! Also worked as journalist at a small, printed ice hockey journal.


I'm writing books (novels, short stories, reports and documentary books, scientific, academic works), also about racing. To be totally honest I haven't done anything else in my entire adult life, than translating / writing racing articles to F1 or later touring car websites / magazines / books. It was my chosen job, my dream, my love. Otherwise how would you do the same job for 16 years? In the last 5 years or so I also took the photos to my articles / books. Never nobody had a complaint...


OK, my adult style, academic, paid work was language teaching, translating and doing linguistic research about second language acquisition. I wrote a soon-should-be-defended PhD thesis about it (it's ready, just should be defended sometime during the spring). I'm quite an expert in linguistics, I think. Even I developed an award winning language teaching and developing game.


What kind of job am I looking for?

Any. I'm not choosy, you know. I don’t particularly need an academic job.  I did so many type of jobs. I was a courier, a dog trainer, a language teacher, a translator, a swabber, a researcher, a manager (for racing drivers and teams), a web designer, a designer, and many more. And I'm basically a journalist. I do what I'm paid for. On the other hand: I don't mind if I love the job.


What I CAN do:

I CAN write. Articles, novels, report books, anything. In Hungarian and in English. Well, my English should be checked, because I'm not native, but basically it's usually correct. Sometimes people call / write me saying: "I love this or that you wrote." – it's such a warm feeling.




I CAN draw. I was one of the most talented little people in our school, and my design teacher supposed I'd have a great career. She was wrong, but I'm fine. I know that I can do it. :)


I CAN translate. Mostly between Hungarian and English (back and forth, but I prefer to my native language, of course), but I do that between Hungarian and Finnish and Hungarian and Italian as well. If needed.

I CAN do some web design, some design, and I can use some very opportunistic computer programs you never would imagine about an average girl (like Flash, SAP, etc). But I have limited skills in these.

I CAN teach languages. Usually I teach Hungarian for foreigners, or Finnish.

I speak Hungarian, English, Finnish, Italian and I understand a bit of Spanish. Different levels, and depends on when I used them for the last time, but more or less I can manage it.

I have a special talent for organizing things. On the other hand other people and circumstances have another special skill to try to destroy anything that I organized already, but usually things work out.

I CAN skate – maybe possibly the less used skill of mine in the last time.


What I CAN'T:


I can't drive a race car, I can't swim, ski and climb mountains. Or who knows? Most of them I never did before.

I don't speak Scandinavian languages! I have a very serious 3 sentences + 5 words Swedish knowledge, because I've studied (and forgotten) Swedish for 5 months, but that's all. Finnish is strictly NOT a Scandinavian language!! It's a Fenno-Ugric language. They are not even faaaar relatives!

I don't speak French and German (Merci, bitte, danke, and that's all.). I won't even try to learn them besides the languages I'm dealing with almost every day.

I can't hang on the phone and try to sell stuff to people, not even guide them how to fix their computer. I can't make phone calls. I have Asperger. Talking on the phone is a nightmare for me. I can do it with friends, or call the doctor, the vet or the library. Or if a customer calls me I can give info. I'm even kind and helpful. But believe me, you don't want me to sell anything.

I can't translate 16 hours in a day. Nevermind the language! I did it already. I translated 16-18 hours / day for a Formula 1 and motorsport website. I could bear it for 2 months. Actually they paid 4 hours / day. I quitted.

I can't work in front of cameras. Remember, I have Asperger. If I can't keep eye contact with one human being for longer than 20 secs, how would I keep eye contact with thousands of people? Anyway, believe me: I'm not a decorative person for TV. I leave this job for more beautiful girls.

Politics. I know that politics exist. I know that it's necessary for keep going everyday life in the world. I respect if you have political interests, in exchange please respect that I don't have any. I never had! I'm on nobody's side. Life is not a war. Not even is the sport! That's all.

Money. Money and politics go together. Well, maybe because I never had any political interests I never had money. I come from a poor family. If you would like to call me to sell me a position like "pay x € and if you are lucky and good soon you will be rich", please, save a lot of time for you and me, and don't call me. Pointless.

How can you reach me?

E-mail: autourheilu [at]

Phone: +36 70 371 6567